Jesus Christ Superstar

Written By: Tara Carreon - Dec• 18•17

Jesus Christ Superstar!
by Tara Carreon

You know, for a long time I’ve been trying to make my peace with Jesus. This country absolutely demands it! You’re considered a bad actor if you don’t like the gentle Jesus. Who couldn’t like Jesus? He was a good guy, right?

Well, it certainly looks that way on the surface. Read Matthew, and your heart is truly touched. Jesus healed the sick, and made the blind see. Any sensitive person would see the beauty of such a person. The New Testament doesn’t seem all that bad.

The place where it all really sticks in my craw, though, is that Jesus made himself the son of God. God already existed, and was the most powerful man in space, having overthrown all the other “lesser” gods – what does THAT tell you about God? He couldn’t stand to have even one competitor. He wanted to be the tyrant, the king, the lord who ruled over everyone, and everything, and all of space. This is nothing but oppressive!

And then Jesus wanted to ally himself with him. Okay, maybe he wanted to exert his power as son to temper the – what am I saying? Who could temper the temper of God? All he did was keep in place, through a reconciliation of opposites, the asshole God forever. Because Jesus is his noble son. What a beautiful balance! (As we sink into the mesmerism of geometry.)

Why couldn’t Jesus just be a man? Oh, I guess that wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted to look down on us from above.

Does anyone else feel like they are getting royally fucked over in this exclusive two-man-god game? Like all the people on the planet, and maybe even all the ones who have ever lived, including the spirits of the plants and animals and who knows what else?

Let me just point out one thing. That such megalomaniac behavior automatically cancels out any suggestion of divinity in any moral way of thinking. Have we sunk so low in our expectations, that we’ll settle for such tyranny? Have we learned no lessons from the past? That’s why we have Trump! People see him as Daddy! I mean, don’t you recognize him?

And then the Democrats settled for pragmatism with crooked Hillary. Yeah, the Democrats and Mussolini. They may as well all be fascists, as far as I’m concerned. They have no principles. They know not what philosophy they adhere to.

I almost chuckled, but then the seriousness of it hit me. Because the whole planet has put their faith in the Democrats of America, and apparently, they’ve all been taken over by Libertarians (neoliberals, what’s the difference?) Libertarian/Neoliberals are not left; they are right, for stupid Democrats who think otherwise.

Jeez, I went from Jesus and God straight to condemning Democrats. I can hardly blame the Republicans for believing all the bullshit their daddies tell them, about how dangerous the world is, and how everyone is out to get us. And then people wonder why Trump hates the Muslims. Hello — 9/11! What is the official story today without a shred of proof? Who cares, as long as we have an exciting war.

Until we tell the story about how 9/11 was an inside job, hating Muslims will not be taken off the table. Racism will grow in America, and violence, and the end will be on its way.

We need to get rid of Jesus and God and authority and tyranny and pragmatism and war so that we can be peaceful. What’s better than that under the circumstances?

We could see the world in terms of science, and biology, and psychology, and who we really are. We know more about the world today than we ever have. We are sensitive, delicate people alienated from this complicated, multi-dimensional world. We don’t know how we got here. It’s completely confusing. We didn’t ask to come into being. We need to support each other in the most maximum way just to get through it. And the tradition and lies and insensitivity and cruelty are doing us no good at all.

For the new year, let’s all renounce lies and ignorance, and start telling the truth. There is no longer safety in delusion and numbers. The facts are before us.

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