A Little Frog in the Neighborhood Overseeing the Calamatization of Italy

Written By: Tara Carreon - Aug• 07•13

Plain Lil doesn’t shut up
Consumers asked thousands of questions
Colored hallucination
Colored lagoon
Naked assertions
Naked in front of his bitch
They are here now
They fight the dragon
Cling to life in the very department of the New Age
Until the contract was variably presented as Black Op
Not only did they not receive any identifiable percentage
Noble savages
It would take a girl
A carton of oranges
A very special pot of tea
A very special sanctuary
To live and die on a broken machine
Trained monkeys, in these our last days
Play the Jewish part
Still being inspired by Nazi patriotism
Secretive and cold
Maybe the time has come to say no to Nazi politics
To get over the sad minutes of the meeting
Our memory in the prophet
His bloody nose
War on his back
A bigot, a rough dance by the seat of his pants
That yahoo thing
When he snapped, there was no one to advise us
Of ice, government, the end of Egypt
It turns out he was speaking a regular monstrosity
When the whole thing went psycho
It couldn’t be repeated
Time to seal the crazy.

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