Pigs, They Aspire One Day to Be Pigs

Written By: Tara Carreon - Jul• 01•13

Everybody has to have a goal, and Kenneth Paul White is a man with some broad ideas about where he would like to take himself and the law. He is always expanding his gorge, and disgorging volumes of invective in one direction or another. A censorious pseudo-prelate, he clearly aspires to dictatorial power of the Animal Farm sort. His perfect day is one where the followers of his piggish teachings spend 24-7 doing his bidding, digging and finding dirt, making dirtballs and flinging them, finding rubbish and making it into news and notional material for┬áthe endless spin and spew. Truly to gaze out from those piggy little eyes of Kenneth Paul White’s must be a horrifying experience. But wait, I draw back from that abyss. For those of you with more fortitude, go ahead and allow your imaginations to go wild into undreamed of realms of megalomania. And may the music of the porkers serenade you to bed with a side of bacon for your pillow.


Kenneth Popehat White preaching the Gospel of Piggery to his little piggies.


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