Bad Guys in Blue

Written By: Tara Carreon - Jun• 14•13

Portland lawyers wear blue. You would see Portland lawyers in Medford, Oregon, standing on street corners, looking like total stiffs, dressed from lapels to cuffs in boring blue cheap suits. They were like an affront to style itself. That affront to style is a clue that they don’t care about trampling on little human concerns that might get in the way of their clients’ corporate interests. And these are the bad guys in my personal landscape.


Currently there’s this fellow, Duane Bosworth, one of the lawyers working for Penguin in their never-ending jihad to coerce American-Buddha into bending to their anti-library agenda. He’s so afraid that Charles Carreon will clean Penguin’s clock in Portland like he did in New York City, that he is fighting tooth and nail to keep Charles Carreon from being admitted pro hac vice to represent American-Buddha in the current Portland litigation. I don’t really know much about Duane Bosworth, but I bet it’s the first time he ever opposed an attorney’s pro hac vice admission in his entire life. And this is, of course, only something he would dare to do against Charles Carreon because of the huge rapeutation that has been conducted by the deranged forces that currently control the minds of innumerable zombie Internet users.

What’s at stake in the Portland litigation is the same thing that was at stake in the New York litigation where Charles Carreon backed American-Buddha through three courts, an appeal, and a certified question to the highest New York court — whether a little old small-time library can share its archives on the Internet with people from Arizona to Zaire. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if American-Buddha didn’t have a dedicated pro bono attorney willing to defend it. It doesn’t take a moment to realize that library freedom would perish from the face of the Internet. And guys like Duane, will be proud to have done their part in achieving that goal.

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