Victoria Feminis, Anno IV, A.F.

Written By: Tara Carreon

Four years ago I declared “Primo Anno Femini” with the following pronouncement,

“We hereby declare the beginning of a new era, Anno Femini. We speak it in the old language of the Romans because to undo a malediction, you must revoke its power in the same language. It is done. Go forward in the new light of this new era. In this new era, the fortunes of women will rise, and as they do, the happiness of humanity will grow.  As the love of life is restored to its proper place in human hearts, the love of death and destruction will be despised as a black art. As the earth’s fertility is respected, the health of the world will be restored, and disease and sickness will decline. As the gift of life is no longer despised, children will be loved and nurtured, war will no longer be used to provide fake solutions to disputes, and peace will gain firm root all over the world.”

So this is Anno IV A.F., and it is time to take stock. Have any of my above-predictions come true in this very short time period? I don’t think so. While I don’t doubt the effectiveness of my magic, it obviously takes a while to show observable results. But you probably expected that. Maybe you went even further and thought I was just puffing gas, trying to raise emotions and strike a pose without really meaning it. Some of you did, didn’t you?

But that’s not the case. I really do believe it. We are four years into better times, and this is the difference between me and those wankers who tried to pull that 2012 Mayan calendar crap. They were just jerking your chain. I am genuinely turning your eyes toward the emerging new paradigm of life on earth. And it’s not coming just because I said it. I just knew I had to say it, so that people would look in the direction of the light, like when you see the moon about to rise beyond the horizon, the sky is lightening, and you happen to be the first among your friends to see it. You say, “Look, the moon is about to rise.”

When this moon rises, though, it will blow everybody’s mind, because it will not be a planetary object orbiting a water-covered rock. It will be the self-luminous radiance of space, pervading and illuminating all of the appearances within it. Nothing will be impossible here except evil and death. And don’t tell me you’ll miss them.


Transcendent Tara suppressing the fiery solar heat, purifying Friedrich Nietzsche’s mind by exposing him to the naked view of her perfect lotus, and praying: “By the power of my righteous foot I suppress thee, evil imp. With my left foot upraised I forbid thee attempt to rise. Vexatious Sun with his burning rays and oppressive glare do I suppress, and all beings in all worlds of matter I transport to the land of deathless lotus light in the twinkling of an eye.'”

Thus Spake Zarathustra, by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Antichrist, by Friedrich W. Nietzsche

The Genealogy of Morals, by Friedrich Nietzsche


One of the many transitional realms that will appear during the Anno Femini era — homeless people being feted by the lotus-powered being in the foreground, living peacefully amongst non-threatening herbivores and delightful, natural surroundings, far from the busy city that they cannot hack. This realm is protected by the all-powerful Avocado.