Where Are You Going With Your Life?

Written By: Tara Carreon - Jun• 23•13

Certainly it must occur to you, Christopher Recouvreur, that there’s got to be more to life than this thing you’ve got going on with your twitter accounts and your pretending to earn a living “selling things on eBay.” No doubt, your manic energy wears off at times and you engage in brief instants of self-reflection. Perhaps not spontaneously, but maybe with a little prompting from me, you will discover this activity. You sort of step back and imagine that you’re somebody else, who doesn’t know you, who hasn’t been pre-programmed by your social media persona as a dashing but somewhat disorganized champion of the standard “Patriot” agenda. You look at yourself from that perspective, like maybe the perspective of a Walgreens HR person talking to you about your activities at Charles-Carreon.com. Sort of uncharitable, just seeing things in the harsh, fluorescent light of the interview room.  You look like a loser, a guy with misplaced priorities, who for the sake of a little online bonding with your bromantic idol that never happened because he doesn’t give a shit about you, put himself at the center of somebody-else’s free speech agenda, and ended up being represented by a bunch of left-wing Obama types who think you’re an idiot, a useful idiot, but still an idiot.

Now, after you look at yourself from that Walgreens HR perspective, or maybe from the perspective of your wife, who cannot believe that she married this tub of lard that only manifests signs of life when spasmodically engaging in digital wanking online, take a look at this picture. Of course, it’s not done by Matt Inman, so it doesn’t have that charming panache like his “I’d dragon kick a baby for you” postcard, (did you ever buy one of those for your wife, you big gorilla?). Nevertheless, it illustrates how humorous his style can be when personalized and brought home to you individually.


I’d Dragon Smash a Baby for You (A darling little boy (Gabe Recouvreur, son of Christopher Recouvreur) unfortunately being subjected to Inman-esque treatment), by Tara Carreon


Matt Inman’s “I’d dragon kick a baby for you” postcard.


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